If you missed Jay Luck’s 4/20 Tour, you better Tap In to the Hot 1 Activated Tour for the hottest summer ever!  

2022 is Jay Luck’s Year! The Hot 1 Activated Tour has a record breaking 18 shows (and counting) running May - July 2022! Many are saying he’s a must see locally, before Hollywood scoops him up! 

Jay Luck is the definition of California Love! Recently performing in LA, the SF Bay Area, ATL, Arizona and Las Vegas, the sun rarely sets on this hardworking superstar! He’s busy performing, recording, shooting videos, and interviewing fellow artist on his self-produced popular show LyriQBussdown. Just published in 1World Magazine https://iamjayluck.com/. Stay tapped in for magazine signing in the works! 

Calling himself a rounded square, Jay grew up in SF Bay Area City of San Mateo. Singing in the church with his mother and grandmother, he knew then that he loved music and was a natural performer. He recently sung his favorite church song His Eye is on the Sparrow live on Dash Radio in April 2022. 

Jay is a kindhearted empathetic person. Having several homeless friends he often checks on and brings food, supplies, God, love, and hope as often as possible. When asked, he will say prides himself in being a man in service - to his family, friends and his fellow artist. Paying it forward, preaching healing, selflove, and even the power of therapy! Setting out to change the perception of counseling and self-help. His goal is for his music to inspire people and encourage them to heal from their traumas by all means necessary. 

Some say he’s a unicorn! Based on his eclectic style, limited addition kicks, and hats many expect him to rap when he takes the stage. His soulful musicality stuns every new crowd he performs for. Gaining him loyal fans from all walks of life organically! He knows many by name and interacts with them online via Instagram and other platforms. 

Such a soulful spiritual person, his lyrics about selflove in chart topper and newly released video ADAD are going change the world. The video tells the story of selflove before lustful promises that are not in your souls’ alignment. Young people need the message, and 90s kids need the refreshing return of R&B with real lyrics!! Music to love, fight, and makeup to. 

For the grown, sexy, bad and bougie his new video Have My Way is this summer’s sexiest short film featuring stunning views of the San Francisco’s Bay Bridge from a luxury penthouse: https://iamjayluck.com/videos 

When asked about his dream job over the years, he often flashes his first tattoo which says, “Music Is The Key To Life!”. Music is his career and his only dream job. Music is how he relates to himself and the world! Music is part of his heartbeat, his essence. You don’t want to miss this magnetic man on the MOVE! 

Tap-in to his new EPs, Love Ride Volume 1, 401104, and Consecrate. Love Ride Volume 2 dropping 27th. See his website for upcoming events and his blog for details about his tour: https://iamjayluck.com/shows https://iamjayluck.com/jay-luck-s-blog

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