Jay Luck's Bio

John " Jay Luck" Luckey III, was born to sing and write music! He started signing in the church with his mother and grandmother at the young age of four. At fifteen, he began signing with "YMS"  (Young Men with Soul), a group made up of his best friends from school and church. In YMS, Jay Luck and his band mates focused on building their confidence and developing their often five part harmony that made the ladies swoon. It was in YMS, that Jay Luck began to build the confidence and “IT Factor” that he would need to excel in the music industry.

Singing in the church also afforded Jay Luck with skills needed to write and create music. His Church background definitely influenced the artist and man he is today. Through his experiences with ALL types of Gospel Music, and his Faith Jay Luck has become a unique, well-rounded artist. Although he focuses on bringing a fresh and unique sound to the music industry he also studies and admires some major music icons. Some of his major influences were and are: D'Angelo, Jodeci, Stevie Wonder, R.Kelly, Dave Hollister, Boyz II Men, Jaheim, Mavin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Joe and Usher – to name a few. When you love music as much as Jay Luck, this list goes on and on.

By the time he was 21 he was a solo artist writing for himself and others. Present day, he has recorded songs with The Jacka, Lee Majors, E-40, San Quinn, Big Rich, Rappin4-Tay, Clyde Carson, Messy Marv, Ryda J. Clyde, Berner, Yukmouth, Killa Kease, and many more artist. His collaboration list continues to grow, as does his skills, his ambition and his drive to make it in the music industry!

He is currently performing whenever he gets a chance! Keeping his loyal following coming back for more, and his name buzzing in the streets; John is on a new consciousness. Heart, mind and soul is open to just being. Living in the now. Creating what is best for us humans to grow.