1. Hot 1
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Ooo nana na


Ooo I'm marching in with bands when I pull, lookin like a hunnid grand when I pull up/ and all the pretty ladies tryna push up on me/

Ima pipe it up ima a hot one
Yea shawty caught my eye ridin shot gun/
Ima shoot my shot need her on my team/

I see you you see me , tell me what's it gonna be/
In this place you're blazing and ooo you're so amazing

She drop it down low den she wind it up
Tick tok goes the clock ain't no timing us
Cuz she so hot 500 degrees


She A hot one
All this drip on me I need a hot 1 2 match my fly
I need a hot 1
And we gon pipe it up keep it piping hot, til the end of the night
You a hot 1
oooo lets chill for hot one, oooo gone turn it up this a hot one/
And I'm so lit lil baby let me light yo fire
You a hot 1


I need a hot one
Hey girl you a hot one
Ya Whole team full of hot 1z
(Chop) Hot Hot 1z