1. Hav My Way
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Pro with the stroke got her open all deeezay Bunz on Bunz hav my way like BK (Burger King) like Bk Hav my way like BK

I ain’t just tryina hit it and run baby
I’m tryna give you love by the tons heres my
Heart and it’s seal with a kiss lil chocolate

What’s your fantasy
Role play from a movie scene
Flights to overseas
Mile high club I’ll club them cheeks
Cuz I’m with the freakin shit you like yea oo
Let me hav my way
Let me hav my way
Ooo ohhh hav it
Ooo oohhh lemme hav my way
If I had one wish no ray j
Wed make love all day til ya rain came
(Lemme hear you say) you can have your way baby)

I’m finna show out
you gon be sprung like a leak/
dis dope’ll hav you strung out
Gone have you longin’ for me

lemme Put my hands all over you
Show you what this tongue ll do
Promise To focus on you

Yo body is my muse
Oo don’t hold out
I make ya body levitate
when I go down

Lemme do what I wanna do
I promise you gon love it oooo
Let me hav my way babe
(With your body ooo with your body)
Let me hav my way baby
Oo yea
Oo yea
Oo yea