Taco Tuesday w/ TrisMac and LaPartyPics 

Jay was invited to perform on the 17th in Los Angeles with TrisMac and LA Party Pics, adding another show to the tour - making it 19 and counting in the Hot1 Activated Tour. Hitting the stage with his white…

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Inferno Performance 5/14 

Saturday the 14th he performed his hit 2ThaMoon right before the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. According to Nasa, The lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth and moon align, and the moon passes into Earth's shadow, according to NASA…

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Friday the 13th No Excuses! 

Friday 13th with an almost full moon lighting the sky, Jay Luck showed up and out for his first Arizona show - No Excuses in Casa Grande. Jay took to the stage for a 17 minute set. Warming the crowd…

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